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custom ontology software applications

Infer knowledge, create models, drive solutions

Ontological engineering and data reuse, knowledge sharing, and complex epidemiological modeling.

integrated decision support systems

Reach your clients faster

Customer-need management through enterprise software and integrated decision support systems.

ontology engineering

Drive measurable improvements to decision making

Improve the speed, quality, and consistency of business decisions via ontological programming.

epidimiological modeling

Software to grow your business

Deliver business-enabler custom software, align IT better with business.

TerraFrame gets new work addressing different diseases from its International Health and Human Services Client

  • Introducing TerraFrame

    TerraFrame is a key player in decision support, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and data management software, designed to operate in challenging, remote, and off-line environments. TerraFrame’s products are ideal for projects in developing nations where monitoring and evaluation are critical. This includes economic development and infrastructure development projects, where a high level of technical data analysis and transparency must be achieved in areas where limited communications infrastructure exists. More >

    TerraFrame has been successful where others have failed. We have been engaged by our clients to take over major, struggling, projects and lead them to successful development and implementation. TerraFrame has a dedicated business and technology staff who are complemented by seasoned consultants with many years of professional experience.

    We look forward to discussing your project needs with you. Please call us at 1-720-903-6085 or to discuss your needs.

  • What We Do

    TerraFrame provides Geographic Information Services (GIS) services that integrate, analyze, map, and represent, data on a geospatial basis, tailored to our clients' needs. Our GIS solutions allow clients to layer results of multiple activities visually, which facilitates integrated decision making processes. These services can be provided as a stand-alone solution, or integrated with other information systems, allowing our clients to focus more fully on their core business concerns. More >

    In addition, on the project level, our solutions facilitate better/more effective:

    • Monitoring
    • Evaluation
    • Transparency

    TerraFrame is a specialist in:

    • Analyzing and defining important relationships in your data set
    • Reconciling Legacy data
    • Mapping relationships geo spatially

    We achieve these results by working closely with our clients and using the latest software development techniques to assure quality and the highest level of satisfaction.

    We look forward to discussing your project needs with you. Please call us at 1-720-903-6085 or to discuss your needs.

  • Current Areas of Focus

    Terra Frame currently focuses on the following general areas of practice:

    • Developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based solutions for analyzing and managing data in challenging environments.
    • Data Communications in remote areas with no/limited data transmission service.
    • Developing GIS applications for monitoring and evaluation of projects in developing nations where transparency is assigned a high level of importance.

    Our work and discussions with engineering and technical professionals relative to applications of our technologies have been in the following general areas: More >

    • Public health systems monitoring and evaluation
    • Monitoring and evaluation of economic development projects
    • Water infrastructure
    • Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

    We look forward to discussing your project needs with you. Please call us at 1-720-903-6085 or to discuss your needs.