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Runway SDK™

Runway SDK™ is ideal for developing applications that solve enterprise business problems with large problem domains and complex workflows. Are you an expert in a vertical market? Do you know of a solution to a problem that is plaguing an industry? Contact us to find out if your problem is an ideal fit for Runway SDK™. By using Runway SDK™, TerraFrame can help you bring a game-changing product to market that will make you a leader in your industry.

Below are some examples of applications that were built using Runway SDK™:

Malaria Decision Support System
Includes integrated GIS and ontology engine to fight vector-borne diseases in developing countries.

My Body Tutor
A customized application built to implement client’s unique business model at only a fraction of the cost

Are you an independent software developer or a software architect working for a development firm? Chances are Runway SDK™ can be used to help you develop robust and scalable software products for your customers. Runway SDK™ provides a number of competitive advantages not available in other software development toolkits. TerraFrame offers an open-source and a number of enterprise licenses. If you are interested in using Runway SDK™ to develop your next software product, contact us and we will identify the right software license for you. Fill out the Contact Form if you wish to purchase an enterprise license or obtain an open-source license.

What is Runway SDK™?

Runway SDK™ is a rapid application development software toolkit that enables you to develop robust and scalable software applications faster, better, and cheaper. Software developers can use Runway SDK™ to develop, manage, and deploy highly scalable mobile phone applications, desktop applications, and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications for the web. In fact, Runway SDK™ is the ideal platform for extending you enterprise class application with mobile client interfaces.

Runway SDK™ Product Description

Runway SDK™ is a practical implementation of the Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) methodology that dramatically reduces risk and cost by making software development more fluid and agile. Runway SDK™ generates the full technology stack required to produce a working implementation of a UML class model. It also actively maintains that implementation at runtime as the model is modified. Runway SDK™ decouples 100% of the presentation tier logic from the business tier logic, simplifying application development and maintainability.

Runway SDK™ is highly suitable for complex online application development. It provides completely self-describing, data-driven API. Applications written on the Runway SDK™ platform can be written once and served concurrently to all manner of presentation technologies, including web servers, JME-enabled mobile devices, SWT heavy clients, and more.

Businesses and their software development departments can benefit tremendously by utilizing Runway SDK™ framework. The benefits are especially remarkable when business-enabler solutions that must adjust to changing conditions are required. Those benefits include:

  • Reduced software complexity – This translates into reduction in software maintenance costs, which increases profitability.
  • Modular software – By creating individual program modules that interact with each other, IT can respond faster to business changes and shifting customer preferences.
  • Decoupled business and presentation tier logic – By decoupling business and presentation tier logic, business rule changes are easier to program as market conditions evolve. This translates into reduced software upgrade times, less code to develop - and therefore, faster code changes, leading to increased response time at reduced cost.

Key Runway modules include the Integrated ORM Module, Security Module, AJAX Module, and much more. Discover the full potential of Runway SDK™ for business-enabler enterprise software applications.

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