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GeoPrism is an open-source platform that leverages semantic technologies for developing spatial decision support applications. It uses geo-ontologies to define the spatial semantic relationships modeled in a spatial knowledge graph, which is a large network of features, their semantic types, properties, and relationships between other features.

GeoPrism® Registry

GeoPrism Registry is an IT solution that provides a single source of truth for managing geographic data over time across multiple information systems and data sources. It is used to publish, access, and manage changes over time to authoritative lists, associated hierarchies, and geospatial data for geographic objects such as administrative divisions, towns, infrastructure, and other relevant physical features.

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GeoPrism Registry
GeoPrism HI
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GeoPrism® Health Informatics
(GeoPrism HI)

GeoPrism HI fosters better collaboration by using geographic objects as the common link between health information systems and data on social determinants of health to improve patient care by facilitating interoperability and trend analysis.

Imagery Data Manager (IDM)

Developed by TerraFrame with its partner Zivaro for the US Department of Interior, the IDM is a cloud-based solution that cost-effectively stores, manages, processes, and shares imagery collected from unmanned aerial vehicles. It automates the ingest process, data delivery, and capture of the standard specifications for metadata and data formats. Large amounts of data can be reliably uploaded to the cloud with intermittent internet connectivity and poor bandwidth.

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Imagry Data Management

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